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10 Best Tool Belt Suspenders of 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

actual photo of ToolsGold Tool Belt Suspenders

Everyone knows about plumber’s crack. No one wants to see it, but we all know it’s there. What you might not know is that there’s also electrician’s crack, carpenter’s crack, and all sorts of other exposed backsides. If only we had invented a solution for keeping up pants and tool belts…

Wait! There is an invention. You may have heard of suspenders. Likely, you’ve seen them in an old black and white picture. But they’re not just antiquated relics from another age. They’re useful devices that are just as helpful today.

When your tool belt and pockets are weighed down with hammers, screwdrivers, and fasteners of all sorts, it’s nearly impossible to keep everything up at your waist. But if you slap one of the following tool belt suspenders on, your tools will stay up and your backside will stay covered. If you’re ready to suspend disbelief in suspenders, then the following reviews will help you pick the best ones for your tool belt.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
ToolsGold Tool Belt Suspenders ToolsGold Tool Belt Suspenders
  • Built-in phone pouch fits most smartphones
  • Hanging ring for easy storage
  • Durable straps made of high-density nylon
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Melo Tough Padded Tool Belt Work Suspenders Melo Tough Padded Tool Belt Work Suspenders
  • Dirt-cheap pricing
  • Comfortably fits most people
  • Straps are comfortable and durable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Occidental Leather 5055 Tool Belt Suspenders Occidental Leather 5055 Tool Belt Suspenders
  • D-ring on the back for easy storage
  • One-size-fits-most
  • Leather straps for superior durability
  • ToughBuilt TB-CT-51 Padded Suspenders ToughBuilt TB-CT-51 Padded Suspenders
  • Priced affordably
  • Provides a comfortable fit for people of different sizes
  • Comfortably padded
  • TradeGear Electrician’s 4 Point Suspender TradeGear Electrician’s 4 Point Suspender
  • Made from durable 600D polyester
  • Durable metal clasps and buckles
  • Breathable padded shoulders for improved comfort
  • The 10 Best Tool Belt Suspenders – Reviews 2021

    1. ToolsGold Tool Belt Suspenders – Best Overall

    ToolsGold Tool Belt Suspenders

    A robust set of toolbelt suspenders that’s loaded with great features, the ToolsGold Tool Belt Suspenders were our favorite overall. The straps are made from durable high-density nylon that doesn’t fray like some of the other suspenders we tested. They were comfortable with plenty of padding and offered a great fit for most of our testers. However, smaller individuals might not find as comfortable of a fit with these.

    These suspenders feature a built-in pouch that’s large enough to fit most modern smartphones. There are also pen slots to hold your writing utensils so you can stop searching for where you just set that darn thing!

    When you’re done working for the day, a metal ring on the back lets you hang these suspenders up for easy storage. Between the durability, comfortable fit, and extra features, it’s pretty clear to us that these are the best tool belt suspenders for most situations.

    • Built-in phone pouch fits most smartphones
    • Durable straps made of high-density nylon
    • Hanging ring for easy storage
    • Pen slots built-in
    • Not a great fit for smaller individuals

    2. Melo Tough Padded Tool Belt Work Suspenders – Best Value

    Melo Tough Padded Tool Belt Work Suspenders

    The Melo Tough Padded Tool Belt Work Suspenders don’t have as many fancy straps and attachments as other suspenders we tested. But that’s probably why they’re so much cheaper. With these suspenders, you’re just getting the basics, but they work incredibly well for a dirt-cheap price, which is why we think they’re the best tool belt suspenders for the money.

    One of the most important considerations for any tool belt suspenders is comfort. Luckily, these are some of the most comfortable suspenders we tested, thanks to the padded shoulder straps. We felt that these suspenders were very durable overall. We didn’t get any fraying and no stitching came apart during use.

    That said, the clips aren’t the strongest we’ve seen. They do a good job holding up a tool belt, but if you’re loaded up heavy enough, they might have a harder time getting sufficient grip. Still, if you need reliable tool belt suspenders at an affordable price, these are the ones we recommend.

    • Dirt-cheap pricing
    • Straps are comfortable and durable
    • Comfortably fits most people
    • The clips aren’t terribly strong

    3. Occidental Leather 5055 Tool Belt Suspenders – Premium Choice

    Occidental Leather 5055 Tool Belt Suspenders

    It’s hard not to balk at the price of the Occidental leather 5055 Tool Belt Suspenders. They seem overpriced compared to similar products; until you use them, that is! These are without a doubt some of the best tool belt suspenders on the market. The only reason they’re not at the top of this list is that their high price means they’re mostly going to be used by professionals only.

    But for professionals, we think these suspenders are the best choice. They’re made with leather straps for superior durability. The straps feature secure buckles that let you adjust the sizing to fit almost anyone comfortably. Speaking of comfort, these straps are adequately padded so that they’re always comfortable, even with a fully loaded belt pulling on them.

    While some suspenders attach to your tool belt with buckles, these use leather loops to wrap around your belt, which we found to be much more secure. There’s even a metal D-ring on the back so you can hang them out of the way when the workday is done.

    • D-ring on the back for easy storage
    • Leather straps for superior durability
    • One-size-fits-most
    • Well-padded and comfortable
    • Leather loop attachments for a belt
    • Very expensive compared to competing products

    4. ToughBuilt TB-CT-51 Padded Suspenders

    ToughBuilt TB-CT-51 Padded Suspenders

    Affordably priced and well built, the ToughBuilt TB-CT-51 Padded Suspenders are a great pick, though we don’t think they’re on the same level as the three that placed ahead of them. Still, they’re made heavy-duty with steel hardware and durable straps.

    We liked the padding on these suspenders that made them comfortable, even with a full tool belt. Unlike many suspenders we tested, these seemed to offer a comfortable fit to everyone; not just large or small individuals.

    There are two things holding these suspenders back — the first is the straps. When they’re under load, they have a tendency to loosen up. It doesn’t happen quickly though and takes a simple tug to fix. The other issue is the die-cast clips. For basic use, these are sufficient. But for professionals needing suspenders to offer daily functionality under heavy loads, these aren’t optimal.

    • Priced affordably
    • Comfortably padded
    • Provides a comfortable fit for people of different sizes
    • The straps loosen up while you wear them
    • Die-cast clips aren’t strong enough for heavy daily use

    5. TradeGear Electrician’s 4 Point Suspender

    TradeGear Electrician’s 4 Point Suspender

    Professionals in a variety of careers rely on tool belt suspenders to help keep their tools up. These suspenders from TradeGear are made for electricians specifically, but they’re still usable for anyone who needs to hold up a heavy tool built.

    These suspenders are made from 600D polyester which is strong and durable. The shoulders are padded for comfort. They’re also breathable so you won’t be sweating up a storm. Durable metal clasps and buckles offer improved longevity for difficult workdays.

    But there were still a couple of issues for us to deal with. For example, the straps are too long for shorter people. Even at the shortest setting, our smaller testers had several inches of excess strap that didn’t allow for a comfortable fit. We also weren’t impressed with the phone holster since it was too small to hold the larger phones that many people carry today.

    • Made from durable 600D polyester
    • Breathable padded shoulders for improved comfort
    • Durable metal clasps and buckles
    • Straps are too long for short individuals
    • Larger phones will have a hard time fitting in the holster

    6. Brown Bag 30290 Tool Belt Suspenders

    Brown Bag 30290 Tool Belt Suspenders

    With comfortable gel straps covered in a breathable, sweat-wicking lining, the Brown Bag 30290 Tool Belt Suspenders are unique. They’re incredibly comfortable for people they fit. Unlike other suspenders, these maintain the size you set so you don’t have to constantly adjust them.

    While these are certainly comfortable suspenders, they don’t seem to offer much more than that. There is a phone pouch built-in, but it’s too small for modern smartphones, so it’s not much use as a phone pouch. You can still use it as a pocket, but it’s not great for its intended use.

    We also had a problem with the fit of these suspenders. For our larger testers, they got a comfortable fit with minimal issues. But our smaller testers couldn’t get a good fit with this product. It doesn’t tighten up enough for smaller chests and shoulders. Even when tight, the shape makes it less comfortable for smaller individuals than other suspenders we tested.

    • Gel straps offer supreme comfort
    • Breathable lining wicks sweat away
    • Comfortable and maintains the proper sizing
    • Phone pouch is too small for smartphones
    • Not a great fit for smaller people

    7. Carhartt 45001 Men’s Utility Suspender

    Carhartt 45001 Men's Utility Suspender

    Carhartt is known for making quality work apparel, so we expected their 45001 Men’s Utility Suspenders to offer more than we got. But that doesn’t mean they’re useless; far from it. They’re affordably priced with wide elastic straps that fit comfortably without the need for padding. But that means they allow your belt to sag, and we think the non-stretch suspenders were a better fit.

    One cool thing about these suspenders is that they come in a wide range of styles and colors. But the clasps are a noticeable weak point. First, the way they’re shaped and positioned, they dig into your sides. But they’re also not as durable as we’d like. The clasp on one strap broke after several months of daily use, making them unusable. But at this price, they still offer better value than many other suspenders we tested.

    • Several colors and styles to choose from
    • Priced affordably
    • Wide elastic straps fit comfortably
    • The adjustment clips dig into your sides
    • One of the clasps broke apart
    • Elastic doesn’t hold up your belt as well

    8. DEWALT DG5132 Durable Tool Apron

    DEWALT DG5132 Durable Tool Apron

    DEWALT routinely produces quality tools that we generally love using. Because of this, we had high expectations for the DG5132 Durable Tool Apron. While it wasn’t a complete failure, it definitely didn’t live up to our expectations. There were simply too many flaws. For instance, there’s a cell phone holder attached, but it’s too small for most modern smartphones, which means it’s not useful for its intended function.

    Most of the suspenders we tested had metal buckles and clasps for improved durability. But DEWALT decided to cut corners by opting for cheap plastic instead. As a result, the adjustable clasps are a weak point.

    Still, there are things about these suspenders we liked. To start, they’re pretty comfortable since they have plenty of padding over the shoulders. They also work with belts up to 4 inches wide, offering great compatibility with most tool belts. We just wish the quality was a bit better.

    • Works with belts up to 4” wide
    • Comfortable padding
    • The cell phone holder is too small for smartphones
    • The adjustment clasps are all plastic
    • Lower quality

    9. Milwaukee 48-22-8145 Padded Rig

    Milwaukee 48-22-8145 Padded Rig

    Milwaukee is known for making high-end tools, but this padded rig didn’t impress us. It has a few notable features though; such as its light weight of under a pound and the durable metal belt clasps that offer plenty of longevity. But aside from these few pros, we have quite a few complaints.

    The rear straps are a point of contention. They’re too short, causing them to pull uncomfortably on the rear of the belt when worn by tall folks. The adjustable straps don’t hold, so you’re constantly having to make adjustments. Even the built-in phone holder was a fail. It’s simply too small for any modern phone. If you have an old flip phone from the 90s, it might fit, but any modern smartphone is too large.

    We usually recommend Milwaukee products for their great quality. But this is one Milwaukee product that we suggest you skip.

    • Weighs less than 1 pound
    • Strong, durable belt clasps
    • The rear straps are short for tall folks
    • Adjustable straps tend to loosen
    • The built-in phone holder is too small for smartphones

    10. Ergodyne Arsenal 5560 Tool Belt Suspenders

    Ergodyne Arsenal 5560 Tool Belt Suspenders

    We weren’t sure what to expect with the Ergodyne Arsenal 5560 Tool Belt Suspenders. They don’t look as padded as others that we tested, and they’re not. This means they’re not as comfortable. It gets worse though, since they’re also not breathable, making these hot and heavy as they soak up your sweat.

    However, the straps are crafted from robust 1680D ballistic polyester, making them exceedingly durable. The straps might be durable on these suspenders, but the clips aren’t. They’re metal, but they’re prone to snapping. You’d probably have no issues using these suspenders for light, occasional work. But there are so many better options available at the same price that we can’t recommend these.

    • Crafted from robust 1680D ballistic polyester
    • The padding isn’t very comfortable
    • The clips are weak and tend to snap
    • Lacks ventilation

    Buyer’s Guide

    As you can tell, there are many different tool belt suspenders on the market. They come in different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. But not all of them work equally well for everyone. Some are more durable, others are more affordable. There are suspenders loaded with features and some that are simple and basic.

    To help you weed through all the different traits and decide what you need from your suspenders, we’ve written this short buyer’s guide. Consider these traits and prioritize them when deciding on which suspenders to purchase and they’re sure to help guide you to a proper decision.

    How do They Hold the Belt?

    One of the biggest differences that we noticed between suspenders is the way they attach to your tool belt. Some of them use clips that latch onto your tool belt. These are often very durable, though sometimes, the metal used for these clips isn’t strong enough. When this happens, the clips become a weak point and often snap in the centers.

    We much preferred the suspenders that used straps to wrap around your belt. These offered superior hold and there’s less to break. Some used nylon straps, others used leather, but they all seemed to work very well.


    If your suspenders aren’t comfortable, it’s going to be like a thorn in your side; all day, every day. That’s why we think comfort is one of the most important aspects on which to judge any suspenders.

    When looking for comfort, you need to look at the shoulder straps. The most comfortable suspenders used heavily padded shoulder straps that didn’t cut into your flesh, even under a heavy load. But some suspenders we tested didn’t have enough padding, so the straps weren’t nearly as comfortable.

    Another aspect to consider regarding comfort is ventilation. Some of the suspenders we tested had no ventilation, causing you to overheat and start sweating. Unfortunately, the suspenders usually soak up the sweat, doubling in weight. But if you get breathable straps with plenty of ventilation, you can most likely circumvent this issue entirely.

    Proper Fit

    One thing that we had continued problems with was getting a proper fit. Most of the suspenders we tested seemed like they were made to fit people of a specific size. For instance, some of them seemed like they were only meant for tall people. These suspenders had long straps that wouldn’t get short enough to offer a snug fit for people with smaller chests and shoulders.

    Other suspenders had the opposite problem. They were a great fit for our smaller testers, but anyone over 6 feet tall wouldn’t be able to fit in them.

    Still, others that we tested had an entirely different problem. These had straps that didn’t seem to work together. In these cases, one set of straps was often fine, but the other set of straps wouldn’t fit some people.


    Any tool that spends its days on a job site is going to be subject to a rough existence and tool belt suspenders are no exception. They’re asked to hold up a lot of weight for hours every day. Each time you add another tool to one of the pockets on your belt, you’re adding more weight to the load the suspenders have to hold.

    Naturally, this plays havoc on a pair of suspenders. Repeated abuse can cause the straps to fray, stitching to be pulled out, buckles to break. We’ve seen plenty of solid metal buckles, straps, and clips snap off under moderate loads. And if your suspenders use plastic hardware instead, then they’re even more susceptible to breakage.

    In several cases, suspenders we expected to hold up well weren’t as strong as we liked. This usually had to do with the materials used in their construction. We’ve had cheap clips made of diecast metal snap on us. Likewise, weaker nylon tends to fray, shortening the lifespan of your suspenders.

    After testing so many, we found that we prefer suspenders made with the most durable materials, such as leather and steel.

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    You’re tired of that tool belt dropping below your waist, pulling your pants down, and generally being a nuisance. Any of the suspenders in our reviews will fix this problem, but there are three we think do it best.

    The ToolsGold Tool Belt Suspenders were our favorites overall, and we think they represent the best mix of quality and price. They’re comfortable, thanks to highly padded high-density nylon straps that are equally durable. There are even slots for holding pens and a pocket for your smartphone, making these suspenders ultimately useful.

    If you’re looking to spend a little less and get the best value possible, we recommend the Melo Tough Padded Tool Belt Work Suspenders. These are simple, comfortable, durable, and best of all, dirt-cheap.

    For the discerning professional, we suggest the Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Suspension System. They’re some of the most durable suspenders we’ve seen, thanks to leather straps and metal buckles. Thanks to ample padding, they’re also very comfortable with a D-ring on the back for convenient storage.

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